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Dornier’s unique, “niche”, varietal wines.

Dornier Petit Verdot secures Top 10 in 2021 Prescient Minority Report

Over the last decade Dornier has become known for producing lesser known single varietal wines in addition to mainstream varieties such as Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon etc.

The collection of niche wines produced at Dornier serves to distinguish Dornier in terms of wine experiences that can be enjoyed in Stellenbosch.

No less than three of these five niche wines produced at Dornier have achieved Top 10 status with the annual Prescient Minority Report the latest of which is Dornier Petit Verdot.

“Matured for 24 months in French oak, 30% new. Red and black berries, olive, undergrowth and chocolate on the nose while the palate is full but balanced – great fruit density and firm tannins before a savoury finish.”

The 2021 Minority Report sees two Dornier Wines feature in the Top 10. These include Dornier Petit Verdot and Dornier Moordenaarskloof Tinta Barocca.

Only 580 bottles of this rare, single varietal Petit Verdot remain in stock and are available to purchase at The Wine Lounge at Dornier.

Contact: 021 8800 557

Email: winelounge@dornier.co.za


Visit The Wine Lounge at Dornier and discover its distinguishing niche wines which include, Dornier Semillon, Dornier Tempranillo Reserve, Dornier Malbec, Dornier Moordenaarskloof Tinta Barocca and Dornier Petit Verdot.

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