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Dornier Moordenaarskloof Chenin Blanc Wins Double Gold NWC

Dornier Moordenaarskloof Chenin Blanc 2021 wins Double Gold

National Wine Challenge

Upon the maiden release of Dornier’s Moordenaarskloof Chenin Blanc in 2017 it was clear that we had created something remarkable. The Chenin Blanc vineyard used in the production of Moordenaarskloof was planted in 1986 and is situated at the foot of the Moordenaarskloof, a geographical point at Dornier, at an elevation of 230 meters above sea level. This wine exudes elegance, grace and balance. All elements of the wine are in perfect harmony and deliver a luxurious, viscosity and long, lingering finish.

“Bright, pale straw colour with delicate scents of wild flowers and fruit, especially Cape Honeysuckle, white peaches and pineapples with a delicate underlying minerality. The palate fully matches the nose with a creamy sensation and a texture that combines elegance and intensity and concentrated fruit flavours.”

We are elated with the Double Gold Medal awarded to this wine at this year’s National Wine Challenge and are grateful to the devotion of the teams in the vineyards and the cellar that have brought this wine to life.

Dornier Moordenaarskloof Chenin Blanc is produced in limited volumes annually as is available to taste and purchase at The Wine Lounge at Dornier.

Visit The Wine Lounge at Dornier to learn more about the mystery of Dornier Moordenaarskloof.

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