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December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter

Word from the Winemaker

Reflecting on the 2023 harvest and the development of the wines in the cellar through the year, we have seen the delivery of exceptional white wines and elegantly styled reds. This is due largely to cooler and wetter weather experienced in the season especially during the time of ripening and harvesting of the red wine grape varieties. Whilst the white wines of this vintage showcase complex aromas and flavours with remarkable structure, the elegance in the red wines is extraordinary and is complimented by soft tannins and lower alcohol volumes. It certainly was a unique vintage at Dornier – one that will reveal very interesting wines.

Winter conditions this year were ideal for the upcoming harvest as characterized by the abundant rain and the cold temperatures we experienced. Since then, all the vines have shown healthy budburst with our viticultural team already in full swing with their efforts towards the delivery of premium quality fruit for the next harvest.

We are very excited to welcome Mr Dehan Veldsman to the team at Dornier. Dehan will be taking on the full responsibility of incorporating and managing the viticultural practices at Dornier. Qualified at Elsenburg, Dehan brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience crucial to the production of the quality wines Dornier prides itself in.

Dornier Chronos & Donatus Wine Club Exclusive Wines

Earth and water gave rise to the Greek deity Chronos, the personification and embodiment of Time – the 3rd principle. Implicitly all things that come in threes are naturally more fulfilling, effective and pleasing.

Dornier Chronos is the third Wine Club exclusive wine produced for members and also the first non vintage wine Dornier has produced since wine production started in 2002. This remarkable red wine is a blend of three vintages of Tinta Barocca, 2020, 2021 and 2022. The wine shows beautiful complexity of fruit and exceptional balance between oak, acid, fruit and alcohol.

Only 1 000 bottles of this wine was produced.

 Dornier Leda & Dornier Scarlette

The first two Wine Club exclusive wines produced were Dornier Leda 2017 and Dornier Scarlette 2018. Only 120 bottles of each of these wines remain and are available to purchase at The Wine Lounge at Dornier this festive season.

A glimpse into 2024 exclusive wines – Guyot trained vines

When it comes to the annual pruning of vines typically either cane pruning (Guyot) or spur pruning methods are incorporated for trelllised vines – although other methods do exist. Guyot pruning involves using one of the previous years’ fruiting canes as the next years fruit bearer arms. The vine essenitally consists of a trunk and one or two such newley trained beaerer arms.

Through this system, it is possible to modify and improve the growth of the plant and its fruit to suit the purposes for which it is grown. And this is where the 4th wine club exclusive wine comes in – showcasing how winemaking starts in the vineyards.

More information on this special wine will be released in the buildup to its release towards May 2024.

Something new awaits this festive season at

The Wine Lounge at Dornier

Dornier’s cheese and charcuterie platters have become the go to boards in the Winelands and this festive season we look forward to releasing a new food offering at The Wine Lounge which will be equally sumptuous and complementing of all our award-winning wines. Follow us on Instagram for more updates @dornier_wines


We wish to take the opportunity of thanking you for your valued and loyal support through this year and wish you and family a happy and safe festive season.

We look forward to welcoming you at Dornier!


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