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Become a Donatus Member today, and you will receive discount on Dornier wines, your Bodega Restaurant bill and future bookings in the restaurant, accommodation and more.

Once you have committed to the binding terms and conditions of the membership and paid for your first membership wine package, your details will register on our systems so allowing you to benefit from the membership.

The best part is – that whilst you’re enjoying our fine wines and farm cuisine, you will also be making a difference, as a percentage of The Donatus Membership sales will be donated to a local charity.

Twice a year, in the months of May and November, our winemaker will select 12 bottles of wine for our Donatus Members, including limited release wines and older cellared vintages for shipment to members.

You will have the choice between mainly red, mainly white or 50% white and 50% red wines.

Our Wine Club Benefits

  • 20% discount on all your wine and merchandise purchases from our wine lounge.
  • 10% discount on Dornier accommodation.
  • 10% discount at Bodega Restaurant for up to 12 guests, 5% discount for 13 to 20 guests and no discount for groups larger than 20.
  • Privileged access to limited release wines.
  • Complimentary wine tasting for you and a friend.
  • Free delivery to all main centers in South Africa (min 12 bottles).
  • Newsletter with information on new releases, special events and relevant news from Dornier.
  • Discount will be effective immediately.
  • 1% of net wine sales to Donatus members will go to Anna Foundation – a local charity organization which assists with development of farm children.


Mainly Red Wines
Our winemaker will make a selection of mainly red wines.

Mainly White Wines
Our winemaker will make a selection of mainly white wines.

Half White and Half Red Wines
Our winemaker will make a selection of half red and half white wines.

Swallows Option
Specially tailored for “Swallows” who stay in the Cape only during the summer months, we offer the option to receive both shipments during the summer months (mainly red wines or mainly white wines).**


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