Dornier CMD



Vintage: 2014

Origin: Stellenbosch

Varieties: Malbec 80%, Cabernet Franc 15%, Petit Verdot 5%


Dornier CMD pays tribute to the late, founding owner Christoph Modeste Dornier, whose endearment of Stellenbosch, affinity towards fine wine and mastery of art are exemplified in the release of Dornier CMD.

Tasting Notes:
Dornier CMD is produced from meticulously sorted, hand-harvested grapes sourced from the very best rows of vineyards situated at Dornier. Dornier CMD is the culmination of Christoph Dornier’s visionary dreams and passions which took root at Dornier two decades ago. The CMD 2012 is a full bodied blend of the three lesser known Bordeaux varieties. Berry and black cherries aromas are supported by subtle hints French oak. The pallet is a true reflection of the nose of the wine. Concentrated fruit and firm tannins with a lingering finish. The Cabernet Franc also adds a hint of austerity to this elegant blend.

Vintage Conditions:
For the production of Dornier CMD, grapes are hand-harvested from row specific vines located within three high density planted blocks of vineyards established on the highest slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountains at Dornier. The mountains towering above these vineyards block the early morning sun creating a substantially cooler microclimate and longer ripening period. Rocky top-soils present in the vineyards allow for beneficial aeration of the roots whilst the high clay content in the underlying soils keeps the roots cool during the hot, dry summers. Cool breezes channelling through the mountains keep the vines fresh and aerated contributing significantly to the unique growing conditions within the individual blocks whilst delivering exceptional balance and finesse to the wine.

Fermentation and Ageing:
The grapes are de-stemmed and carefully sorted by hand to ensure that only the best fruit is used. Individual fruit parcels are handled separately as each will undergo their own special treatment in the cellar. Pump-overs are performed twice daily with all transfers being gravity fed so as to ensure gentle handling of the wine. After fermentation the individual grape varieties are allowed to mature in French oak barrels for 18 months following which only the finest barrels are chosen through a rigorous selection process. The varieties are finally blended and bottled and allowed a further 2 years of bottle maturation.


Tasting Notes