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Dornier Siren Syrah scores 92 Points – Shiraz Report 2021

Dornier Siren Syrah scores 92 points in the 2021 Prescient Shiraz Report

South African Syrah can no longer be neatly pigeonholed. Expect everything from delicate, very fine to ultra- glossy, rich wines and the Shiraz/Syrah distinction is no longer really a clue to what’s inside the bottle.”

The 3rd vintage release of Dornier Siren Syrah goes on to score 92

points in the 2012 Shiraz Report. It remains true to the intentional, delicate and alluring style aimed

for in conception phase.

The nose is filled with aromas of red berry, spices, violets and lilies.

The palate is creamy and delicate with hints of redcurrant and cedar.

The finish is clean and has a lingering aftertaste of

berry and white pepper.


          Dornier Siren Syrah is available to taste and purchase at The Wine Lounge at Dornier.

Contact: 021 8800 557


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