Wines / 05 Jul 2016

Dornier Siren Syrah ~ Des vins qui parlent

~ Again he had been dreaming of the mysterious woman with the black hair. He could not see her face, but heard her calling him by a strange name in a warm singing voice. She smelled of wild herbs, ripe fruits and violets. Her presence was rousing. He woke in wild excitement and put on canvas what had been his dream. ~ Christoph M Dornier

Christoph Modeste Dornier painted the picture of The Siren in 2004 following recurring dreams he had been experiencing of this mystifying, seducing persona. The dreams were fleeting and transient, vivid and stirring. The story of the Siren remains a mystery, replete with hidden meanings and possible interpretations.
Dornier Siren Syrah 2015 pays tribute to the mystique surrounding the Artist’s Siren. It exemplifies her luring scents of violets, spices and ripe fruits. Her lingering, enigmatic, enticement.

Dornier Siren Syrah 2015 will be released in November 2016. The original painting will be available to view together with a collection of other pieces of artwork by Christoph M Dornier whilst sampling the wine in Dornier’s Art Room by appointment only.

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