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Dornier Donatus White – 4½ Stars John Platter

Dornier Donatus White – 4½ Stars John Platter 2015

Dornier Donatus White, a unique blend of Chenin Blanc and Semillon, is Dornier’s premium white wine and aptly expresses Dornier’s philosophy of uncompromising quality. Winemaker Jeanine Craven’s approach to making this wine is one of minimalist human intervention.

The focus behind this blend is to bring together the opulence and complexity of Chenin Blanc with the freshness and rich mouth feel of the Semillon. The Chenin Blanc is sourced from Stellenbosch as well as from three year old bushvines located in the Swartland. The Semillon component is sourced from a small 0.2 hectare block of seventeen year old Semillon vines located on the Dornier farm.

The grape bunches are hand sorted and with each grape variety allowed to undergo natural fermentation in 300L French Oak barrels after which they are left to mature for 10 months. Thereafter the wines are blended, the end result of which is a wine with intense aromas and flavours of peach, pear, grapefruit and honey.

Being a full flavoured, wooded wine, rich and creamy seafood dishes such as butterfish, abalone and lobster pair perfectly with Donatus White.

Dornier is proud to announce the 4½ Star John Platter rating recently received for Donatus White 2013. Limited amounts of this vintage remain and are available to purchase at The Wine Lounge at Dornier.

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