Wines / 01 Jul 2015

Dornier Barrel Fermented Merlot Rosé

In recent years Rosé wines have increasingly gained popularity as the wine of choice amongst wine drinkers bringing with it improved and innovative methods of production. Evolving from generally sweet, light and simple wines, Rosés today are more complex, dryer in style and of substantially higher quality.

Dornier has taken innovative production methods of Rosé a step further by introducing natural, barrel fermentation in the production of Dornier’s limited release Barrel Fermented Merlot Rosé. This style of Rosé is more serious and denser than stainless steel tank fermented Rosé whilst remaining delicate and beautifully elegant. The nose of the wine is filled with aromas of wild cherry, eucalyptus and rose while the palate is rich and inviting with typical Merlot flavours of red berry, watermelon and plum.

On the 1st day of Spring, September 1st, Dornier will be releasing this intriguing, limited release Barrel Fermented Merlot Rosé of which only 800 bottles were produced.
The Rosé will be exclusively available to Dornier Donatus Members until the end of August 2015 whilst stocks last at R120 per bottle. Donatus Members are invited to place pre-orders by contacting The Wine Lounge at Dornier at (021) 8800557 or

Making an average Rosé is easy. Making a great Rosé is harder than making a great red or white wine.

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