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Vintage: 2016

Origin: Stellenbosch

Varieties: Chenin Blanc


Just like the story of Leda and the Swan, the Frog King is another great tale of metamorphosis. The transformation from man to animal and animal to man are themes which fascinated the artist, Christoph Dornier, founder of Dornier Wines. The making of wine is a miracle that we experience every year. Chenin blanc is our white variety of choice and this particular wine shows the culmination of our efforts to create great wines.

Tasting Notes:
The wine has an alluring colour and aromas of honey, cashew and fig preserve. The highly viscous palate possesses a great balance between sweetness and acidity, with flavours of fresh apricot, lemon rind and apple. The wine is rich and has a pleasantly long aftertaste.

Fermentation and Ageing:
For this unique wine, we bruised the stems of the bunches while the grapes were still on the vine, to hinder the flow of water and nutrients to the grapes. This was done when the grapes are still high in natural acidity. The grapes desiccated on the vine for about 30 – 60 days, and once the optimal sugar level was reached we harvested the grapes.The grapes were pressed in an old wooden basket press over two days due to the difficulty of extracting the syrup-like juice. The juice was then barrel-fermented and remained in barrel for a further 18 months before bottling.


Tasting  Notes