Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc



Vintage: 2023

Origin: Western Cape

Varieties: Chenin Blanc


In a time of seafaring and spice, pirates played in Table Bay…
Among them was Long Ben – as fierce as he was tall,
he looted and pillaged and scavenged from all.
Ben fast became known for being up to no good,
and so fled from the seas and gave up his loot.
He planted some vines, as was the way,
and peered out towards the ocean almost every day.
Long Ben would have gazed longingly at the vista of Table Bay
from where our vines grow today, on Cocoa Hill.


Tasting Notes:

Being a truly versatile variety and lending itself well to many different styles, we have aimed at making a wine in a fresh and fruit driven style. The wine has a lively bright colour with delicate aromas of passion fruit and litchis. The palate is vibrant with a refreshing acidity and flavours of tropical fruit.

Vintage Conditions:

2023 was an excellent vintage for many producers in Stellenbosch. The winter was cold and wet and the ripening season was cool. This led to grapes ripening at lower sugar levels with higher natural acidities. The lower temperatures also preserved the more delicate flavor components in the Chenin Blanc during the ripening period.

Fermentation and Ageing:

This wine is made with grapes from two Chenin Blanc vineyards. The one vineyard is on Dornier whereas the other is situated in the Swartland area. The Stellenbosch wine was fermented in stainless-steel tanks and the Swartland wine in French oak barrels. Flavour and style specific yeast were used in order to obtain the desired fruit- and aroma characteristics.

Food Pairing:
Being a wine with vibrant fruit it will pair well with fresh salads, light pasta dishes and grilled seafood, such as line fish and will accompany calamari and scallops very well.


Tasting Notes