Cocoa Hill Rose

Silver Michelangelo International Wine Awards
Silver Veritas

"In a time of seafaring and spice, pirates played in Table Bay…
Among them was Long Ben - as fierce as he was tall,
he looted and pillaged and scavenged from all.
Ben fast became known for being up to no good,
and so fled from the seas and gave up his loot.
He planted some vines, as was the way,
and peered out towards the ocean almost every day.
Long Ben would have gazed longingly at the vista of Table Bay
from where our vines grow today, on Cocoa Hill."

A fresh, dry and vibrant Rose made via direct pressing of Merlot providing a wine with an alluring salmon colour and appealing drinkability.
Tasting Notes: 
With its vibrant pale pink colour the wine offers an array of flavours ranging from strawberries and cherries to notes of cut grass and mint. The palate is vivacious yet full and rich with a moderate acidity to provide for an ever pleasing summer wine.
Vintage Conditions: 
2013 will go down as being perhaps not the easiest vintage recorded in the Blaauwklippen valley. We had extensive wind damage at the end of November, which resulted in our crop being down by 30%. On top of this, we had bouts of rain weekly through the entire months of February and March. This made picking decisions tough, and it was truly a year where the winemaking had to be precise and the handling of the fruit and wine needed to be gentle. Luckily with the reduced crop, we had excellent concentration in our fruit which lead to very full wines.
Fermentation and Ageing: 
The one variety that seemed to thrive in these tricky weather conditions, was Merlot. The grapes were harvested, and after destemming, spent 2-3 hours in the press so as to extract the desired colour, before a light pressing. The resultant pink juice then fermented for 12 days at 13.5 degrees and spent a further 4 months on full lees to provide fullness and body to the wine.
Food Pairing: 
With its alluring colour this wine is a good pair with fresh salmon, cold meats, lobster, salads, lighter pastas and even complements tomato based dishes that one usually struggles to find suitable wine matches for. It is also a great match for sushi.
Residual Sugar: 
3.2 g/L
Total Acid: 
5.7 g/L
Final pH: 
0.31 g/L