Cocoa Hill Red

Western Cape
Merlot 42% / Shiraz 38% / Cabernet Franc 14% / Malbec 6%
Gold Medal - Chinese Wine & Spirits Awards

In a time of seafaring and spice, pirates played in Table Bay…
Among them was Long Ben - as fierce as he was tall,
he looted and pillaged and scavenged from all.
Ben fast became known for being up to no good,
and so fled from the seas and gave up his loot.
He planted some vines, as was the way,
and peered out towards the ocean almost every day.
Long Ben would have gazed longingly at the vista of Table Bay
from where our vines grow today, on Cocoa Hill.

The Cocoa Hill Red 2012 is a youthful yet refined blend of Merlot (42%), Shiraz (38%), Cabernet Franc (14%) and Malbec (6%) which grows in the decomposed red granite soils of Cocoa Hill – a hilltop in the folds of the Stellenbosch Mountain, superbly positioned in prime South African terroir.
Tasting Notes: 
The wine shows bright fruits on the nose with hints of spice, liquorice and clove. The palate shows smooth, pure fruit with refined notes of raspberries, cherries and plum. The palate is full, fresh and lively with a dense yet very supple tannin structure and a well-balanced, integrated acidity leaving a persisting finish.
Vintage Conditions: 
The 2012 vintage will be remembered as bringing one of the longest ripening periods recorded at Dornier. The heat spell in January was followed by an unusually cool February. This allowed the fruit to hang on the vines for longer, resulting in smaller, concentrated berries with intense flavours and natural acidity. We were able to pick for phenolic ripeness, without the increase in sugar sometimes experienced towards the end of the season. This resulted in beautifully flavourful fruit and excellent balance in the final product.
Fermentation and Ageing: 
The wines individually spent approximately 8-12 days in vineyard specific batches for the primary alcoholic fermentation with gentle pump-overs for colour and tannin extraction being performed twice daily. The wines then underwent malolactic fermentation providing complexity and fullness. Certain batches were carefully barrel matured for 14 months in second fill French oak barrels and a small unoaked component was used to provide a fresh and lively character.
Food Pairing: 
Braised oxtail, Boeuf bourguignon, charcuterie platter and Smoked kudu Carpaccio
Residual Sugar: 
1.6 g/L
Total Acid: 
5.5 g/L
Final pH: 
0.46 g/L