Wines - Overview

Donatus White

The idea behind this blend is to bring together the opulence and complexity of Chenin Blanc with the freshness and rich mouth feel of Semillon.

Dornier CMD

Dornier CMD pays tribute to the late, founding owner Christoph Modeste Dornier, whose endearment of Stellenbosch, affinity towards fine wine and mastery of art are exemplified in the release of Dornier CMD.

Donatus Red

Donatus is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc from 4 unique vineyards on the slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountain.

Dornier Semillon

On first impressions this wine has an attractive golden colour. The nose is bursting with flavours of lemon rind, fresh hay, caramelised apple and honey. The palate is rich in flavours of quince, lemon meringue and brioche, with a luscious full texture backed by a well-balanced acidity and lingering aftertaste.

Dornier Moordernaarskloof

Bright, pale straw colour with delicate scent of wild flowers and fruit, especially Cape Honeysuckle. White peaches and pineapples with a delicate underlying minerality.

Dornier Chenin Blanc

We source Chenin Blanc from old bush vine vineyards located in the Swartland. The soil consists of decomposed granite with a sandy composure. The vines are dry-farmed and yield intensely rich, perfumed fruit.

Dornier Merlot

This wine has aromas of cherry, dark berries and hints of fynbos with a bright ruby-red colour. The palate shows freshness, concentration and balance, with flavours of ripe black cherries, plums and black current. There is a lengthy fullness on the palate and an understated class and elegance.

Dornier Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

This wine shows rich dark fruit on the nose, with aromas of blackcurrant, chocolate and cedar wood.

Dornier Pinotage

This wine shows upfront aromas of black cherry, dark berry and cassis on the nose, with hints of tobacco and nutmeg. The palate is bursting with ripe plum, vanilla bean, violets and bramble. The wine has a full palate with a lovely freshness, and finishes with a pleasant refined tannin profile.

Dornier Siren Syrah

Again he had been dreaming of the mysterious woman with the black hair. He could not see her face, but heard her calling him by a strange name in a warm singing voice. She smelled of wild herbs, ripe fruits and violets. Her presence was rousing. He woke in wild excitement and put on canvas what had been his dream.

Dornier Equanimity Cabernet Sauvignon

The artist walked out of his usual restaurant in town where he had been joking and arguing, bragging and lamenting with friends. But now, he longed for his refuge and respite. The place with the protruding rocks, red sands and nebulous light - hidden just above the famed vineyard. Only here was his mind cleared of all small things.

Dornier Petit Verdot

This wine is intense ruby-red in colour. Aromas of ripe plum and fresh cherry with subtle hints of forest floor. A full, well-structured wine that has a great follow-through of fruit onto the palate.

Dornier Malbec

The focus behind Dornier Malbec, is to showcase single varietals grown on Dornier Estate. Produced only in very small quantities, this wine has been nurtured to bring across the true expression of the Dornier Terroir as well as the unique characteristic of Malbec as a single varietal.


Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc

Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc is a delectably chic version of what used to be South Africa's Cinderella variety. The vines grow in the decomposed red granite soils of Cocoa Hill – a hilltop in the folds of the Stellenbosch Mountain, supremely positioned in prime South African terroir.

Cocoa Hill Sauvignon Blanc

With our Sauvignon Blanc we aim at making a wine that is fresh, youthful and abundant with tropical fruit flavours. Balance between the fruit, alcohol and acidity is of utmost importance.

Cocoa Hill Rose

A fresh, dry and vibrant Rose made via direct pressing of Merlot providing a wine with an alluring salmon colour and appealing drinkability.

Cocoa Hill Red

Cocoa Hill Red 2017 is a refined blend of Merlot (32%), Shiraz (25%), Cabernet Sauvignon (22%), Petit Verdot (11%) and Malbec(10%) from vines that grows in the decomposed granite soils of Cocoa Hill – a hilltop in the folds of the Stellenbosch Mountain.