Wines - Overview

Donatus White

The focus behind this blend is to bring together the opulence and complexity of Chenin Blanc with the freshness and rich mouth feel of the Semillon. In addition to the fruit traditionally used from vineyards in Stellenbosch, we decided to source fruit from an old, dry land vineyard within the Swartland region.

Donatus Red

With this wine, we strive to create a red premium blend showing both a distinctive local character and our individual style. There are no standard blending components; consistency is always achieved in quality and style. DONATUS offers the best of old world classic concentration and new world boldness.

Dornier Chenin Blanc

Chenin blanc is a variety that offers a great array of flavours. With this Chenin we aim for the fresher characters ranging from ripe white pear, zest lemon and backed up by delicate orange peel and perfume aromas. The palate entices one with its weight, richness and fruit concentrations allowing for a long fresh finish.

Dornier Merlot

Generally known for its understated class and elegance, this Merlot is no exception. The wine has aromas of juicy plums, mint and tomato leaf. The palate shows freshness and balance, with flavours of ripe black cherries, menthol and tobacco. There is a fine minerality present, and the wine shows understated class and elegance.

Dornier Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

This wine shows an abundance of ripe fruit flavours ranging from mulberry and plum backed up by the subtle roasted oak flavours with hints of vanilla and spice. The palate boasts excellent concentration with super fine tannins and great length.

Dornier Pinotage

This wine shows an abundance of plum, dark berry and cassis on the nose, with hints of chocolate and caramel. The palate has a mineral edge, with flavours of molasses, mulberry and vanilla. The palate boasts excellent concentration with super fine tannins and great length.

Dornier Syrah

The grapes come from a vineyard on the slopes of Faure, a small region on the edge of Stellenbosch. The vines are planted on soils composed of shale and decomposed granite, and are 6km from the ocean with sea breezes creating a cooler microclimate for the vineyard.

Dornier Tempranillo

The nose is filled with aromas of black cherry, and strawberries & cream. The palate has flavours of cherries, plums, and sweet molasses with a hint of spice. The palate is full-bodied with excellent length and chewy tannins, which will allow this wine to age well.

Dornier Malbec

The focus behind Dornier Malbec, is to showcase single varietals grown on Dornier Estate. Produced only in very small quantities, these wines have been nurtured to bring across the true expression of the Dornier Terroir as well as the unique characteristic of Malbec as a single varietal.

Dornier Chenin Froschkönig

Just like the story of Leda and the Swan, the Frog King is another great tale of metamorphosis. The transformation from man to animal and animal to man are themes which fascinated the artist, Christoph Dornier, founder of Dornier Wines. The making of wine is a miracle that we experience every year. Chenin blanc is our white variety of choice and this particular wine shows the culmination of our efforts to create great wines.

Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc

The Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc is a delectably chic version of what used to be South Africa's Cinderella variety. The vines grow in the decomposed red granite soils of Cocoa Hill – a hilltop in the folds of the Stellenbosch Mountain, supremely positioned in prime South African terroir.

Cocoa Hill Sauvignon Blanc

With our Sauvignon Blanc we aim at making a wine that is fresh, youthful and abundant with tropical fruit flavours. Balance between the fruit, alcohol and acidity is of utmost importance.

Cocoa Hill Rose

A fresh, dry and vibrant Rose made via direct pressing of Merlot providing a wine with an alluring salmon colour and appealing drinkability.

Cocoa Hill Red

The Cocoa Hill Red 2012 is a youthful yet refined blend of Merlot (42%), Shiraz (38%), Cabernet Franc (14%) and Malbec (6%) which grows in the decomposed red granite soils of Cocoa Hill – a hilltop in the folds of the Stellenbosch Mountain, superbly positioned in prime South African terroir.