Wine Library features Dornier Donatus White

07 June 2006
Watch as Gary Vaynerchuck tastes the DONATUS White 2004

Four Stars for Dornier Donatus White in Vines (Canada)

01 May 2006
This exciting blend of Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc thrives with its aromatic, honeyed, peachy character. Delicious peach and apricot fruit flavours precede a long elegant finish. This delivers terrific quality for the price.

Dan Nicholl: An artist's impression

24 April 2006
As an artist, Christoph Dornier will have worked in a number of different mediums; whether the Swiss artist ever envisioned himself creating a work of art out of a wine cellar is unlikely. But that’s exactly what he has done, and a visit to the Dornier estate in Stellenbosch offers one of the more...

Business Day: Dornier - Alchemy of Wine

09 March 2006
If he were able, says Christoph Dornier, he would write what he paints. Since he believes he cannot convincingly express himself with words, Dornier’s surrealistic stories — labyrinths of dreams, riddles, mythology, secrets and symbols — are captured, in unfettered colour and imagery, on canvas....

Dornier Wines Profile in One Small Seed

13 February 2006
Combining elegant wines and award-winning architecture, Dornier Wine Estate creatively fuses the opposites of change and stasis, seriousness and pleasure, complexity and simplicity. Nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch Valley and surrounded by lush green mountains, lies the elegant Dornier Wine...

Dornier celebrated for its Contribution to Wine Tourism

25 February 2005
The imposing Blauwklippen estate has been selected by the Great Wines Capitals Global Network as one of the 5 wine estates worldwide to win a National Award for Architecture in their Best of Wine Tourism Awards for 2005.

Cape Times: Winery Wins Architecture Award

22 February 2005
Winery Wins Architecture Award