Dornier Bodega Restaurant goes Cocoa-Loco

August will boast a chocolate and cocoa infused menu at Dornier Bodega

August will boast a chocolate and cocoa infused menu at Dornier Bodega

Stellenbosch, July 2011. Dornier Bodega Restaurant will be featuring a unique Cocoa Experience during the month of August 2011. The event is designed to highlight the wonderful flavours which cocoa and chocolate bring out in food and wine.

Executive Chef, Neil Norman, believes that chocolate and cocoa can create a new dimension to pairing food and wines. The aromas and texture of the chocolate tend to accentuate flavours in the food, while enhancing the subtle nuances of the wine, and a combination of both creates a superb taste sensation. Cocoa contains many health benefits and is classed as a “super food”.

Neil has also been experimenting with different combinations of herbs and spices, using a base of Swiss Felchlin chocolate. Newly created dishes, such as seared Kudu medallions with a cocoa rub, Norwegian salmon with a parsnip and white chocolate soup or Ostrich fillet with a dark chocolate chili sauce will be served by Neil and his team. To see the menu click here.

The event is also designed to highlight Dornier’s Cocoa Hill range. The story behind the name of this range originates from the legend of Long Ben, a pirate banished from his ship, who settled in the Blaauwklippen Valley and tried his hand at planting vines. On doing so, he discovered that the soil in the valley was dark and rich, resembling cocoa. Hence the name, Cocoa Hill, was born. The range consists of four easy drinking wines, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, a dry Rosé and a well balanced Red blend.

Neil will be running several “interactive food experiences” during the month, with classes for up to twelve guests being hosted at the beautiful Dornier Homestead once a week. Here Neil will show guests how to create these exciting dishes in the comfort of their own homes. Depending on the evening, dinner and wine tasting may follow the class, allowing guests to sample the combinations of food and wines. Chef Markus from Ile de Pain in Knysna will also be joining Neil during one or two of his cooking classes, adding a wealth of experience, especially in the patisserie department.

See the menu.

More details will be released shortly.

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The Dornier Bodega is open daily for Lunch 12.00-16.00 and for wine tasting from 10.00-17.00.