Christoph Dornier dies in Switzerland at Age 69

Born into a family of engineers, Christoph Dornier new very early that he was different. Art was his first love and against the will of his father, he persisted and became a recognized artist. But even within his chosen field he never followed the trends. He had his very own ways to see things and to paint them. Christoph Dornier was often ahead of his time: he started a foundation for behavioral psychotherapy in Germany in the eighties that has had a deep impact on the treatments with its research and treatment concepts. He was also one of the founding partners of de Zalze Golf Estate in Stellenbosch that has become the prime residential location in the area. His independent mind made him move to Stellenbosch in the turbulent nineties and start Dornier Wines as one of the very early foreign investors. He loved the mystical aspect to wine, its symbolism and beauty. For 14 years he worked on the vision, supported by his children. Christoph Dornier had a life long passion for architecture and the landmark Dornier wine cellar is his legacy in this field. The young generation has already taken over the business, supported by a strong team around winemaker JC Steyn. The unique approach to wine making, the style, the commitment to quality and commercial successes have propelled Dornier Wines into a serious contender for the top ranks in the industry. His wish to see South Africa once more was not fullfilled. Christoph Dornier loved beauty and created beauty for the world after him.