Dornier Wines in

07 December 2007
Ein weiterer klingender Name hat in Stellenbosch Wurzeln geschlagen: Raphael Dornier, ein Enkel des...

Cocoa Hill and Bodega in the News

01 December 2007
An elegant, well-balanced wine with appealing roast coffee and sweet fruit aromas. On the lively...

Eat Out: Charm and Sophistication in the Winelands

16 November 2007
The Winelands is another gourmet establishment richer with the opening of the Bodega, on Dornier...

Dornier Bodega Restaurant featured in iafrica

31 October 2007
On our arrival, I was delighted when offered a wine tasting before entering the restaurant. We soon...

Annette Kessler features Dornier Bodega

04 October 2007
The Dornier Bodega restaurant, warm, colourful and rustic is a ten minutes drive from Stellenbosch...

Bodega Restaurant: The perfect match

09 September 2007
Wine columnist Michael Olivier maintains that you can't change what's in the bottle so you need to...

Golf & Wein: Das Dornier Bodega Restaurant

07 September 2007
Kombination von edlen Weinen mit lukullischen Genüssen in legerem und buntem Ambiente.
Dornier Bodega Green Umbrellas

Bodega Restaurant - Falling in Love with Food

23 August 2007
The restaurant is set to provide visitors with a food and wine experience as breathtaking as the...

Dornier Bodega Restaurant Now Open

08 August 2007
FARM CUISINE - INSPIRED BY FRESH INGREDIENTS AND FINE WINES In the ragged folds of the Stellenbosch...

Coup de coeur - Dornier Cocoa Hill

12 July 2007
Montreal - Se présentant dans une robe pourpre presque opaque et s'exprimant avec un nez très...

Dornier becomes member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative

21 January 2007
The BWI is a pioneering partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation...