Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Why sustainable seafood?

Seafood is now a more popular food choice than ever before. It’s the healthy, sensible and guilt-free choice…or is it?

More and more people are considering seafood as a healthy and natural protein source in a time when many consumers regard products from conventional commercial land-based farms with increasing suspicion.  The continued globalisation of markets has seen seafood become the most traded global food commodity in the world and has resulted in an explosion in the popularity of formerly “exotic” cuisine such as sushi, driven on by the trend-setters of the culinary world.

What is less widely known or publicised are conservation issues surrounding seafood species, and the fact that many of our seafood sources are harvested at unsustainable rates, and that in many cases the activity of fishing may cause unacceptable damage to the oceans ecosystem with potential long-term negative effects. If we want to continue to enjoy the variety and diversity of seafood that we have become accustomed to for decades to come, we need to start making informed choices right now. (Source: WWF}