Anna Foundation

Dornier Wines is investing in the future of the farm’s children by offering an after-school facility for Grade R to 12 children whose parents are permanently employed by Dornier Wines. The learning centre opened at the start of 2010 and is run by the Anna Foundation. Through their 3 R’s programme they offer the children literacy and numeracy assistance, sports programmes, guidance in right living and ultimately aim to equip the children living on Dornier with skills for lifelong learning.
The Dornier after-school club is a safe and stable study environment and is run by Leana Claasen (of Dornier Wines) and one external teacher. A remedial teacher also visits the farm once a week and gives extra literacy and numeracy assistance. The teachers are there not only to implement the Anna Foundation programme, but also help the learners with their homework. This programme is based on a philosophy of holistic development and a belief in 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"

Social Upliftment: Leana Claasen’s Story
The Anna Foundation trains local farm women who live on the farms and are a part of the farming community, to manage the daily running of the 3 R’s Programme. One of these women is Leana Claasen who has been an employee of Dornier Wines since 2002 where she started as a general worker. At the end of 2009 Leana, along with farm management and support, took the initiative to start a small care centre for the children at Dornier. When the Anna Foundation project began in 2010, Leana was the ideal choice for the 3 R’s teacher. She was excited about the new opportunity for her and the children as well as being grateful for the guidance and training she knew would assist her in being a teacher. She now attends a monthly training session with the Anna Foundation on the last Friday of every month where the 3 R’s curriculum is revised for the upcoming month. At the training, Leana is given advice and ideas as to how to introduce a lesson to the children. She also learns about various teaching strategies which can be practically implemented in her classroom situation in order to assist the children with their learning abilities. Since becoming a 3 R’s teacher, Leana has gained more respect not only from the children but from her whole community. Through the ongoing training she receives, Leana is becoming more confident in her role as a teacher and is proud to be making such a difference in her community.