50 Yen Project

Since we began cooperating with our Japanese importer, Tsukasa Miyake, he requested us to add a social element to our product. Tsukasa had studies in Cape Town and when he came back to his native land wanted to keep in touch with the country that had become so dear to him. No only did he start to import its wines, but also he wanted to channel the generosity and socially responsible buying behaviour of the Japanese consumer to do good. His biggest priority was the education for children in South Africa. Together we came up with the idea to add a special seal to each bottle in our Cocoa Hill Range.

The seal looks very much like the Japanese 50 Yen coin and on it is says, that for each bottle purchased, 50 Yen would be made available for the education of disadvantaged children in South Africa. Over the years many thousand bottles have been sold in Japan and a meaningful amount was donated. Tsukasa, who visits South Africa every year would personally transmit the money to a charitable institution.

The Pebbles Project has been selected as the beneficiary of this initiative. The Pebbles Project purpose is to enrich the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds with special educational needs, especially those whose lives are affected by alcohol, through providing support and training to local wine farm and township créches and establishing after-school provision for older children living in the Winelands.