The Dornier family has a proud heritage of innovation, creativity and perfection, and we now bring this to our wines. We are made up of a team that recognises the old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Like our wines are all blends, our people work as one, no one more important than the other. We are united by some common beliefs: that the quest for perfection doesn't allow average to be good enough; in the courage to be individualistic; and that tradition is a positive base for innovation.



Jeanine Craven - Winemaker

‘As a winemaker, my aim is to make the best and most interesting wines from our property. Working alongside our viticulturist, our focus first and foremost is to ensure we get healthy, balanced grapes from our vines. My job is to nurture the fruit through its fermentation and maturation, and to not interfere where possible. Wine should be an expression of its origin.’

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a winemaker. I grew up on a wine farm and loved the excitement of the harvest time. I studied Oenology and Viticulture at Stellenbosch University and graduated in 2004. I spent the next few years following harvests around the world, gaining experience along the way in Sonoma, Barossa, Santa Ynez, McLaren Vale, Tuscany and the Rhone. Home has always been where the heart is, and I often travelled back for the harvest in Stellenbosch.  In 2012 I took up the winemaking position at Dornier Wines and am excited to be part of such a dynamic and passionate team.

Daniel George - Chef de Cuisine

It is a pleasure to work with winemaker Jeanine Faure to ensure that all the dishes we produce in the kitchen are complemented by at least one or more of the outstanding range of Dornier Wines. Visitors to the Estate and Restaurant will experience the best we have to offer – from the wine to the food to the magnificent scenery and the warm hospitality.

I have always been involved in the service industry, working as a waiter for four years made me realise where my real passion lied and that was in the kitchen. I attended The Culinary Academy in Franschoek and started my in-service training at Bodega in January 2010. Working very closely with our previous Head Chef Neil Norman, I was promoted to Sous Chef and now I am very excited to have been given the oppertunity to "run the show" and display my culinary knowledge to the clientele of the beautiful Cape Winelands.

Theunis Bell - Viticulturist & Farm Manager

‘Taking great pleasure when you taste and enjoy the wine of the grapes grown and tended to throughout the if that's not job satisfaction, then what is! To top it off the Stellenbosch Golden Triangle happens to be your playground.’


After studying Civil Engineering at Cape Technicon, I followed my heart and ended up pursuing a profession in viticulture. Throughout my career, I gained first-hand experience while working for relatively large concerns in both Malmesbury and Philadelphia, of which KWV and Nederburg were the key clients. I was appointed as the viticulturist at Dornier in 2009, where I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic vineyards. We aim to consistently fine-tune our vineyard practices and enhance the biodiversity of our surroundings, and we see the results of our labours in the quality of the grapes each year.