History & Philosophy


Dornier is a family-owned and run boutique winery with a clear focus on the premium segment. This is why we have a philosophy of uncompromising quality, a perfectionist approach and skilled execution. There are no boundaries between the vineyard and the winery, the same people get involved on both sides of the winemaking process and they know about the factors that define quality.
We are led by the principles of tradition and inspired by perfection; yet realise the power of innovation. Everything that Dornier stands for and embodies – be it the place or the wines – creatively fuse the opposites of change and stasis, seriousness and pleasure, complexity and simplicity. We embrace difference where it leads to improvement, and still recognise the value of what has come before.


Dornier Wines is located on two estates, both with long traditions. The history of Keerweder goes back to 1694, when it was acquired by Jac van Dyk. The Homestead farm includes a historic Sir Herbert Baker homestead and one of the oldest wine cellars in the area. 
In 1995 Dornier started the estate by purchasing their first of five farms. Today nearly 180 hectares belong to the wine estate. In the following years the former fruit and cattle farms were converted into vineyards. Dornier was one of the first international investors who saw the potential of the South African wine production after the first free elections. 
In 2002 Dornier Wines released its first wines (Donatus Red, Dornier Cabernet Sauvignon). The winery offers now three ranges of wines - Donatus, Dornier Stellenbosch and Cocoa Hill.
Since 2006 Dornier has been a member of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative which contributes to the sustainable cultivation of the vineyards and the protection of the local fynbos. 
In 2007 Dornier opened their Bodega Restaurant in one of the oldest buildings of Stellenbosch. Today, the Bodega gets an average of 2000 visitors per month and is recognised as a leading restaurant in Stellenbosch. 
In December 2010, Dornier Homestead opened after extensive renovations with six elegant bedrooms, sitting rooms and extensive gardens. The venue will serve as an exclusive place for functions, weddings and conferences.