One Estate - Three Centuries

One of the attractions at Dornier is the architecture displayed: An 18th Century old barn, a Late Nineteenth Century Homestead and a Twenty First Century winery.

This is no coincidence. Whereas the first thing that drew the founder Christoph Dornier to the area was the natural beauty, this particular farm charmed him with its heritage. All his live, he has had a keen interest in architecture and its history. In South Africa he has studied many books on local architecture and heritage.

Whereas the two historic buildings have been restored to their original splendour, the new building was meant to become an architectural statement respecting the area and the time.

'Great architecture is art, poor architecture is conventional triviality made of stone and concrete.' - CMD Dornier.

Dornier Cellar - 21st Century

Designed by the artistic eye of Christoph Dornier, the winery is both a sculpture and a functional production facility. The shape and materials blend well into the surroundings. Closed to on side, the building is completely open with windows to the mountain side, allowing to enjoy the wonderful views on the Stellenbosch Mountain.
Dornier’s loft-style winery is a new attraction in the Cape Winelands. With its curved roof and the use of face brick and reflecting materials, the building blends creatively into the dramatic scenery of Stellenbosch Mountain. The style of the winery is a visual translation of our wines – elegant, clear yet complex and distinctly unique.
In 2005, Dornier Wines, was selected by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network as one of five wine estates worldwide to win a National Award for architecture in their Best of Wine Tourism Awards.

Dornier Homestead - Late 19th Century


Dornier Bodega Restaurant - Early 18th Century